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They show up at the gym choosing random exercise machines, do haphazard workouts, then go home wondering if they even made any difference. That kills their enthusiasm even more, and soon after it’s all over.The same directionless pursuit will be repeated again a year later. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel and try hundreds of things that just don’t work.This is where Conquer & Win comes in: If you want a coach by your side who will show you the ropes, give you a step by step plan, and help you get socially confident, Conquer & Win can get you there.Get a personal mentorship from an experienced coach who understands the psychology of dating and confidence building. Only real character building, accountability, advanced social skills training and guidance so you can achieve your relationship & dating goals. Your dating coach is your wingman, mentor, and personal trainer for your love life.

A lot of nerves can come up when we’re faced with an attractive woman who we’ve never met before.

There are two basic ways you can introduce yourself to women in public settings: Direct openers are great because you can get to the point quickly, express your honest feelings, and avoid misunderstandings about your intentions. Being assertive is one of the main qualities that will attract women.

Indirect openers are perfect for situations where there may be a lot of public pressure.

Other men who’ve tried may have had bad experiences when it didn’t work out well: So what’s a guy to do?

I’m going to explain a couple ways you can do it on your own, or with help from a dating coach.

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