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If you realize that you are dating a player, but don’t want to break up with him, here are a few important things to know when dating a player.Dating a player can be quite dangerous and can even lead to a heartbreak. A normal relationship usually consists of sincere and trusting talks and frank treatment.You will realize that relations should run its natural course, but yours will get stuck at the entry-level.Be ready for it and try not to get disappointed when he will brush aside your questions again.It should be noted that being guarded isn't the same as being dishonest.Remember, if you haven't had an exclusivity conversation, then he very well may be seeing other people.

However, if he's regularly acting sus when it comes to his cell phone, then there may be something he's not telling you."[If he regularly] seems to avoid talking or texting on his phone near you, especially if he goes as far as entering a different room to check his phone," then this may also be taken as a sign he's a player, says Figueroa.

You should also be on high alert if the person you're after uses vague language when confronted about the status of your relationship.

Does he avoid acknowledging that you're his girlfriend when introducing you to someone?

Your talks usually contain superficial information and are restricted to questions like “How’s your day?

” On the other hand, he may be unwilling to confide all his secrets to you on the second date.

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Until you've had this conversation, then omission doesn't necessarily mean he's a player, but rather that he's exercising his freedom to explore his options. I probably don't need to tell you that if a guy has explicitly said he is not looking for a relationship, then please, please believe him.

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