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We also believe that society needs to drop the taboo around sex and sexuality — it’s a part of life and health that absolutely should be part of mainstream discourse.No shaming, no embarrassment, just the comfort and freedom to be yourself and enjoy your own body.” She said that was the reason the company submitted its first-ever product, Osé, for the CES Innovation Awards.Not only is she appealing the decision to rescind, but she is also calling out the organization for gender bias and inconsistency in addressing sex-positive women’s products versus male-oriented devices.

“We would like to expose this because it is very biased.The motivation behind this [publicity] is to see some real action and change when it comes to gender bias with CES and the tech industry.We have no delusion that we are going to get our award back.The team at Lora Di Carlo was overjoyed when it received a letter from the Consumer Technology Association saying its Osé “sex positive” micro-robotic sex toy had won a CES Innovation Award, giving the company a chance to showcase itself at CES 2019, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.But Lora Haddock, founder of the company (formally known as Uccellini LLC), said the mostly female team was crushed when the CTA rescinded the award for the device, formerly called the Vela.

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They said the company would be refunded its entry fees.

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