Christian dating an atheist yahoo

These groups are for discussion on atheist topics by non-theists.

Please note that these discussion groups are for non-theists only.

General discussion about issues relating to atheism.

The majority of net-savvy ACA members subscribe to this list.

The ACA serves the local Austin community through outreach programs, providing informational resources and various volunteer activities.

In addition, the ACA serves the community-at-large through free online portals including informational wikis, regular audio/video podcasts and interactive blogs. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.

I guess none of us like to look back in our lives to a time when we made poor judgments and foolish mistakes — when we took rather really idiotic positions — and admit this, especially to people we are not well acquainted with.

Due to a high volume of spam in the past, this group requires approval for membership.We created it for the numerous Christians who approached our site with questions for and about atheists and atheism.Everyone is welcome to participate, however, we ask that participants remember that this is an atheist-host group.Atheist Community of Austin hosts a handful of email discussion groups on Yahoo. Please read carefully to be sure that you subscribe to the correct lists.We recommend getting a Yahoo identity and associating your subscription with that identity, though it is not strictly necessary to do so.

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