California law minors dating adults who is dating ryan adams

The attorneys at Wallin & Klarich are experienced in the nuances in this area of the law and can navigate this complicated process for you.

It is possible that the statute of limitations for the crime you are being charged with expired before charges were brought.

In response, because I was a minor, she told me she was going to report him to the authorities.

A casual conversation about typical teenage woes was quickly spiralling into a frightening encounter with the law. The age of consent where I lived in Massachusetts was 16, and it didn’t matter how old my boyfriend was.

But her misinformed perception of what the law actually says is quite common.

People in the US tend to think that the age of consent is 18, and that these laws don’t affect minors who have sex with other minors.

If the person said they were over 18, dressed or wore makeup consistent with an older person, or if you met them at a venue where you would expect to see adults (21 bar, concert, etc.), it is possible to build a solid defense that you reasonably believed the other person to be 18.

Feelings of anger or jealousy among young adults or teenagers often lead to false accusations, wrongful arrests and innocent people being prosecuted.This crime is known as unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor or “Statutory Rape.” Under PC 261.5, it is irrelevant whether the sex was consensual because the law states that minors are not capable of giving informed consent to sexual activity.Because we now live in a world where sexual activity among teenagers is commonplace, statutory rape occurs with great frequency, and it often goes unreported or even unnoticed.Our attorneys have the experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your case.We will fight for your freedom every step of the way.

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In states such as Montana, and Kansas, anyone over the age of 16 can engage in sex with whomever they choose, even a middle-aged adult, while, under the law, a 16-year-old high-school junior who has sex with someone in the year below them is technically committing statutory rape.

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