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Features & Furniture Slings Swing Fisting Chair St Andrews Cross Whipping Bench Steel Cage Medical Bed Suspension Points Rooms & Facilities Large BDSM / Play Room / Social Space (with the above furniture) and 2 sofas Boudoir Room / Dark Room with a large bed and 2 sofas Wet Room / Shower for piss play (and to clean up afterwards of course) Cloakroom area (secure, staffed) Changing area (unisex) We also provide Free condoms Free lube Free alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks (but you are welcome to bring your own!

) YOUR HOSTS We are Nina & Aidan, and besides of being natural 'perverts' and predisposiotioned kinky fetishists we also have many years of first-hand and direct experience inthe adult industry.

Basically, we are creating the kind of European-type adult party we dreamt of as kinky fetishists but were unable to find anywhere.

CONTACT 07808 221 585​[email protected]​ Zarre Events Maya is a transgender person of Indian origin, living in the US.

OUR VENUE Over 110sqm of exquisitely well appointed play-space!

We set the mood with dimmed lights, exciting and creative music - and sometimes a short but very provocative performance.

After a few months, I decided that my hair color was too extreme for someone of my age, and experimented a little bit. We create these adult parties for experienced fetishists and also for those who are new to the scene and interested to learn and see more of how their darker desires might translate into reality.

It was soon obvious to me that darker (like this) was definitely not the way to go, and eventually determined that some shade of blonde suited me best. Our adult parties will make any of your more extreme fantasies and kinks a reality - in a completely safe, sane, consensual, clean and sexy environment.​PAN-SEXUAL / BISEXUAL​ Bi Zarre Events promotes tolerance and diversity in alternative night-life.

Parties where everyone is welcome, irrespective of their sex, gender, gender identity or sexuality!She asked me take some snaps of her, some professional, some for social networking, and some of a more naughty kind - a selection is presented here.All are taken after she has almost completely recovered (only 2 weeks after the surgeries! ​Now, that doesn't mean you 'have to' participate in anything your not comfortable with of course!You are not expected to do anything, except to be respectful to others (and to have a great time of course).

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