Are mario and peach dating

She's not here right now so don't tell her, okay? Peach says "Oh thank you, Mario I think I have a crush on you...

" Luigi says "Got it." Mario says "OH PEACH IS MISSING, D-OH! I've secretly had a crush on you since I've met you." Peach kisses Mario on the nose.

Many fans have believed Princess Peach and Mario were more than friends but wanted confirmation from Nintendo.

Nintendo has never stated their relationship status in the main games, only on promotional material.

Nintendo of America states that their love story began "in another castle." A special LINE messenger sticker released by Nintendo also has the pair sitting together on a bench, surrounded by hearts.

, the Mario brothers are plumbers living in New York.

With only a few weeks left to go until the release of Super Mario Odyssey, many promotional items are starting to pop up in preparation for release day.The relationship between the Nintendo characters has greatly changed since their debut.With so many games being released over the past few decades, it's easy to miss a few key details in their love affair.The one that grabbed our attention was the full page marriage registration form above.These forms, called “Kekkon Todoke” in Japanese, are a little bit different than those in the West.

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