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Soybean yield and quality are affected if a season-ending freeze occurs before a variety reaches physiological maturity.

Three serve children only, while the other serves people of all ages. See North Dakota's Health Care Coverage Options brochure for information about the various available programs or this page on waivers.

It addresses issues from variety selection, growth and fertilizing, disease, insect and weed control, harvesting and storing of soybeans.

(L.) Merr.] growers to make careful decisions regarding tillage system, fertility management, variety selection, seedbed preparation, weed control strategies, crop rotations, water management and pest management practices.

The soil-penetrating structure is the hypocotyl arch.

Once emerged (VE stage), the green cotyledons (seed halves) open and supply the new seedling with stored energy while capturing a small amount of light energy.

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The growing point is between the two cotyledons, and because it is above the ground, it could be killed by a spring frost or physical damage.

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