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They didn’t have the funds to compete with huge dating sites like Match.com, so they applied for a couple of patents and began brainstorming.

They believed that their vertical-search technology was good — better, in fact, than almost anything they had seen online.

For one thing, as evidenced by the name Foundem, they weren’t marketing geniuses. ” Shivaun explained.) But early tests indicated that Foundem usually came up high in Google’s search results whenever people submitted queries like “compare prices xr-1000 motorcycle helmets.” Six months later, they opened Foundem to the world, and initial traffic was encouraging. “That’s supposed to be the recipe for success.” As long as their vertical-search technology was strong, the Raffs figured, Google would guide shoppers to their door.

Google has succeeded where Genghis Khan, communism and Esperanto all failed: It dominates the globe.

Or Google would show Adam one price, but then the actual price was completely different. It seemed to Adam his technology would do a much better job.

Google executives, had they known of Adam’s frustrations, probably wouldn’t have been surprised.

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The app was known as Match Mate, and the idea was simple: Rather than just pairing people with similar interests, their software would put together potential mates according to an array of parameters, such as which pub they were currently standing in, and whether they had friends in common, and what movies they liked or candidates they voted for, and dozens of other factors that might be important in finding a life partner (or at least a tonight partner). You don’t really care if Google sends you to Wikipedia or a news article or some other site, as long as its results are accurate and trustworthy.For a while, Larson had a specific test search that Froogle kept failing, something like “white running shoes and cheap and free shipping.” Inevitably, the first result would be a Christmas elf wearing running shoes that some guy was selling online.No matter how Google’s engineers fiddled with their coding, they couldn’t stop the elf from appearing as the top link.Eventually, a manager bought the elf so it wouldn’t appear in the search results anymore. “It became our mascot.”Adam and Shivaun’s technology was good enough to tell the difference between an elf wearing running shoes and an actual pair of running shoes.It was good enough, in fact, to figure out which websites charged hidden shipping fees and which offered truly good deals.

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“I spent half an hour searching Google for the lowest price, and it drove me completely mad,” he told me.

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