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They separated in 2017, filed for divorce in 2018, dismissed that file, but eventually filed once again.

Status: Married The couple met in Australia during a bible study trip.

Status: Married Loren met Alexei while on a Birthright trip to Israel.

The couple is still married and living in Texas with two children.Russ later joined Pao in the Sunshine State and the couple continued to have cameras follow them for the spinoff series.On the spinoff, Paola revealed she had a miscarriage, but in the 2018 reunion special the couple revealed they were expecting again."We are making big changes and realigning our goals as we prepare for the birth of our son," the couple exclusively told E!They married in the United States after Aleksandra came over, and eventually welcomed a daughter.Status: Married Another couple who has been back in front of the 90 Day cameras more than once, these two met via Facebook.

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Status: Married Mark and Nikki, who have an almost 40-year age difference, met via an online dating service.

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