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Weopia could be the answer to all that; a virtual dating experience that allows you to take a romantic boat ride, watch the sunset and talk in real time to a prospective date while you sit at home in your pyjamas...Weopia is based in Canada and was founded by Dave Wilkie and Stefan Embleton.

Until next time virtual world explorer, Happy sightseeing!More and more people these days are turning to online dating to find the love of their life.Practically everyone knows a couple who met via online dating, but conversely everyone has heard a dating disaster tale, and for every happy couple there are lots of hilarious, embarrassing or expensive tales of dating hell.This game is as close to a dating service as could be, and it's rated adult. The virtual world is created using Cry Tek software and it's pretty smooth with all it's outside widget integration, like flash.SL Staff are starting to defect to their ranks, how will this play out?

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Voice and text chat via Skype allow them to engage more naturally than via email, and hundreds of conversation stimulators and insightful question suggestions allow them to get a deeper sense of their compatibility and whether they might like to meet in real life.

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